Midjourney just launched the new "character reference" feature! This is a huge step in Generative AI for artists and designers: storytelling with a consistent character.

The feature is fairly simple to use, although you need to experiment to get different designs while keeping the character consistency:
Step 0. (Optional) I used one of my 3D designs as a starting point.
Step 1. Generate an image in Midjourney as the character reference.
Step 2. /Imagine prompt: [write your prompt] --cref [reference image URL] --cw [0-100]

In the example below I chose to have the same dress on the same character with different poses. You could change the outfit style and colors too...
Overall I like the results very much although 'character consistency' isn't really 100% depending on the prompt. For example, the woman in the third image has no earrings, if you look closely. 

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